Under planning legislation, parish councils are entitled to be notified of every planning application in the parish.

SWA&T is the local planning authority which makes decisions on planning applications in the area. Trull Parish Council is a non-statutory consultee but its views and those of local residents are taken into consideration by SW&T officers and the planning committee.

Local opposition or support must be backed up by valid planning reasons. Therefore, Trull Parish Council has adopted a planning evaluation framework to ensure consistent, objective scrutiny of planning applications within its remit.

The parish councillors with a responsibility for planning use the framework to review the application and understand what it is about; decide what the relevant material considerations are; decide whether to recommend that the Parish Council support or oppose the application or decline to comment.

The Parish Council is usually given 21 days in which to comment on a planning application and occasionally this consultation period falls between meetings. Sometimes the planning authority will grant a small extension of the consultation period in order for large or contentious items to be discussed at the next meeting.

However, the Parish Council has adopted a delegated planning policy which gives the Clerk responsibility for reviewing planning applications that are minor in nature and whose consultation period falls between Council meetings. The Clerk consults with the Councillors responsible for planning in regard to these applications, which are then notified at the next meeting.


To view the details of any application, click on this link to SWA&T's Planning website. Then click on Application Search and enter the SWA&T Reference number shown.