King George V Playing Field Trull

Trull Parish Council is sole trustee of the KGV field. It fulfils the role of custodian (keeper of the assets) and is the managing trustee (responsible for executing the management of the field and assets).

All councillors are by definition members of the Board of Trustees.

The Playing Field Management Committee was set up by the Board of Trustees to manage the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities which include the pavilion, the playing field and the play equipment.

The Committee meets at least four times a year, and meetings are open to members of the public.

The role of the Committee includes:

  • The routine monitoring of the general condition of the facilities.
  • Consideration of the annual Play Equipment Safety Inspection and managing the risks identified.
  • Oversight of planned improvements and upgrading of facilities.
  • Hiring arrangements for the Pavilion including bookings and invoicing.
  • The raising of funds through activities or grant applications.

Members of the Playing Field Management Committee:

David Lindfield (Chairman)

Jo Wooldridge

Ann Hudson

Frank Clark

Martine Naughton 

Meeting dates for 2022

Thursday July 7th at 7.15pm CANCELLED

Thursday September 8th at 7.15pm 

Thursday November 3rd at 7.15pm

Meeting Dates Agendas & Minutes

Agenda   Minutes         19/05/22

Agenda   Minutes         04/02/22 

Agenda   Minutes         04/11/21 

Agenda   Minutes         23/09/21 

Agenda   Minutes         08/07/21

Agenda   Minutes         06/05/21

Agenda   Minutes         04/02/21 

Agenda   Minutes         02/12/20 

Agenda   Minutes         10/09/20 

Agenda   Minutes         08/07/20 

Agenda   Minutes         06/02/20 

Agenda   Minutes         10/05/17

Agenda   Minutes         14/11/16 

Agenda   Minutes         25/04/16

Agenda   Minutes         18/01/16

Agenda   Minutes         16/11/15

Agenda   Minutes         10/01/18

Agenda   Minutes         31/01/18

Agenda   Minutes         11/04/18

Agenda   Minutes         02/07/18

Agenda    Minutes        01/10/18

Agenda    Minutes        11/04/19

Agenda    Minutes        08/07/19 

Agenda    Minutes        04/10/19