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To report any Speeding Concerns please go to;

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Dear Parishioners of Trull,

The District Council are hoping to make Canonsgrove a permanent residence for the homeless, this is a nationwide problem and it may get worse as we face the prospect of a deep recession. Currently, there are 42 rough sleepers at Canonsgrove and they say it could take up to 60. There are 192 self-contained units, so we are concerned about further expansion. SWT tell us that they are negotiating an extension for 6 to 12 months, whilst they consider the long-term policy for the homeless and where or not Canonsgrove will become a more permanent fixture. However, in the letter sent to me by SWT on the subject, they actually quoted 12 to 18 months.

This is a very emotive subject and has already had an impact on numerous Trull residents, with reports of foul and abusive language, drinking sessions on local footpaths, and regular visits to Canonsgrove by the police.  

We understand that homeless people have special circumstances and need help and support from society but we also have a duty to keep our parishioners safe and protect them from the type of incidents that are being reported which are causing fear and anxiety across our community.

After some pressure from the Parish Council we are at last discussing these issues with SWT to see if a compromise can be found. The YMCA are managing Canonsgrove and have asked that their details are shared with the local community: . They feel strongly about working with the community and want this project to be a success.

We would like to hear your views on this issue and would also ask that any incidents that have affected you or your family are reported to our District Councillors, Parish Chairman or Parish Clerk. The Parish Council are keeping a log of all incidents reported to them, so it would be helpful that if the police are called, we are told about it. We understand that it may seem time consuming to report all matters to the police, however SWT has recommended the online police reporting tool (for non-emergencies);

Please use the following contact details;

The Canonsgrove email address; This will automatically be delivered to Pat Collins (day to day manager of Canonsgrove), John Shipley (Service Manager for YMCA) and Jonica Walkinshaw, Director at YMCA.)

There is also a 24-hour contact Site Security number which is 07534916814, however, in the first instance calls should be directed to the police. The SWT contact is Jerry Davis, Rough Sleeper Coordinator and he can be contacted on 07887 501046.

Please ensure that all incidents or comments are sent to the Trull Parish Chair email address All updates will be posted on the Trull Parish Council website:

Finally, both SWAT and Canonsgrove have agreed that the Parish Council should be part of the study that is being carried out into the long-term future of the homeless. This is a good initial step. Canonsgrove have also agreed to attend our Parish Council meetings with a report and in order to respond to any concerns.

Best Regards

Laurence Forgham

Trull Parish Council Chair


The delightful village of Trull is located only 2.5 miles from Taunton, the bustling county town of Somerset. It is in a picturesque setting close to open farmland, providing wonderful views of the nearby Blackdown Hills (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). The Blackdown Hills themselves give panoramic views across the Vale of Taunton.

The population of the Parish of Trull is approximately 2,500 and encompasses the surrounding hamlets of Canonsgrove, Cutsey, Daws Green, Dipford, Sweethay, Staplehay and Kibbear.

The heart of Trull has a thriving Church and Primary School, and a variety of community facilities including a popular pub, village stores, playing field with Pavilion, Memorial Hall, and Community Centre with coffee shop.

Trull boasts numerous buildings and sights of historic interest. All Saints Parish Church has been designated a Grade II listed building by English Heritage and boats a 13th Century tower with the rest of the building dating from the 15th Century.

There are a variety of activities and groups to suit all ages and stages – uniformed organisations, amateur dramatics, indoor bowls, bridge, ballroom dancing, ramblers, tennis club, and Woman’s Institute to name a but a few.

The Parish Council takes its responsibility for local issues very seriously and engages with the community wherever possible. Please contact the Council using the Contact Us.